Saludos a todos!

My name is Joanna and I was born and raised in Venezuela. I have lived in Costa Rica for almost three years and it is the third country that I have lived in. Prior to here, I lived in the Dominican Republic and Peru and each of these countries are so different from each other with each living experiences being vastly different also.

I wanted to write a few words about how life is in Costa Rica, so let me begin with the fact that if you like adventures, be in contact with nature and have a good balance between family and work, Costa Rica is the place you are looking for. 

I moved to Guanacaste with my family due to my husband’s work. Together we have a very energetic and curious daughter and as a family we are open to living adventures and meeting new friends. The three of us needed to adapt to our three different scenarios and with the help of the kind people that live here in Guanacaste, the adaptation was very smooth.

Our families’ adaptation to our new adventure and life here was pretty easy due to the following points:

Finding a Place to Live

There are plenty of sites that offer comfort and security for families. There are small real estate development with condos or villas to rent, or you can buy a lot and start from scratch. If you are adventurous, there are beautiful – take your breath-away view houses that you can rent or buy as well.

Finding a School

In this area, there are a handful of choices, from international academies to small schools with alternatives learning programs – the best advice would be to tour as many as possible and see what fits best for your child. 

Food and Goods

There are a few big supermarkets and many small markets that supply enough wherever you decided to live; if you live more like a local than your supermarket receipt will be a lot less but if the more well-known brands are your families favorite then this will certainly drive up the cost. Guanacaste also now has a bulk buy store close to Liberia which is definitely a favorite among expats – it’s an hour drive from where I currently live but it’s definitely worth the drive.


There are many professional medical services, from pediatrician, dentist, physiotherapy, and public attention. You will find pharmacies available, so don’t worry about any pain.

Nature and the Locals 

The best part is the one I am sure will help you say yes about moving to Costa Rica – everywhere you look there is something beautiful to look and the locals are extremely welcoming to all.

I consider Costa Rica to be a green and blue place. I say it is green because of all the beautiful forests. You will be surrounded by beautiful vegetation and accompanied is the amazing wildlife. You will see monkeys, iguanas, skunks, armadillos, anteaters, coatis and many kinds of birds and insects. You will not need to go to a zoo anymore; you will be in the zoo!

The blue side is all the exuberant beaches and beautiful oceans you can view from almost every angle in Costa Rica. Every weekend you can go and visit a new beach and never have visited them all in a year. For the surf lovers, you have a few of the best beaches here in Guanacaste, like Playa Negra, and for the ones that dreamed of starting surfing,  Playa Tamarindo and Playa Grande are ideal to begin your lessons.

And to close this post, I will finish with one crucial point: you will find kind and open-minded people who will help you adapt and know better your new life in Costa Rica. From the locals to the expats, people in Costa Rica are always willing to help.

I hope that with these few words, I can help you create an image of your life if you move to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It is perfect for a family like yours to live in a pleasant and adventurous lifestyle.

Pura vida!