Captain Nick and crew aboard the amazing Pacific Soul will give you their ALL to ensure your sailing/water excursion makes the LIFETIME memory list.  From seamless passage on/off land to absolutely every detail in between all that is required of the guest is to bask in the sun, play in the water, eat and drink to your heart’s content and feel the fresh salt breeze in your hair – that’s easy enough RIGHT?

Four, six and eight hour trips are available for 15+ guests every day out of Potrero Beach (plenty of parking) making it easy for any Guanacaste visitors/locals to experience the BEST day on the mesmerising Pacific ocean.  Six or eight hours are best as you have time to explore multiple beaches, repeat some favorite activities (kayaking, paddle boarding, snorkeling, diving off the boat, suntanning, snacking between meals, drinking etc).

Crystal clear waters with 20+ ft visibility await you as soon as the boat anchors.  Staff are knowledgeable about local species of birds and fish that you encounter as well as being great storytellers.  Fresh and delicious food is prepared daily -today we enjoyed fried plantains, guacamole, beans, rice, pulled chicken, pulled pork, flour and corn tortillas, pico, salsa, sauces, fresh fruit chips and more.  Thank goodness humans float in salt water because I would have surely been headed to Davy Jones locker after that incredible spread.

Witnessing Costa Rica’s amazing coastline and small islands is best done from a tour like this one.  Calm seas and a slight breeze allowed the Captain to drop the sails and give us even more area to explore as we skimmed along on the surface of these beautiful blue and warm waters. As we sailed the crew put out 4 lines and fresh fish were reeled in by those that wanted to participate and the entire boat savored the tuna sashimi with wasabi.

A simply must do for every tourist and resident alike along the Guanacaste coastline!