About Talk Costa Rica

“Talk Costa Rica, Real Estate Experts” was created by The Costa Rica Team for the purpose of bringing yet another source of valid information to those with a sincere interest in Costa Rica.

The Costa Rica Team specializes in creating premiere, eco-minded developments that accentuate the natural beauty of Costa Rica, while offering unprecedented value to its clients.  By working with the nation’s best architects and landowners. CRT works diligently to create developments that are driven not by sales but instead by a Vision.

Our strong and diversified team located throughout the country will assist clients in establishing secure and protected investment properties.  CRT offers options to retirees looking for a retirement or a second home, and  investors looking to capitalize on the land boom and large investors looking to create their own developments.

CRT is comprised of both Costa Rican Nationals and North Americans that live and work full-time here in this country.  This ensures that while going through the process of purchasing property in Costa Rica; you will be dealing with professionals that have firsthand knowledge of this market with a professional interest in maintaining the integrity of this beautiful environment. The staff at CRT has established long-term relationships within the community and contributes to the growth of various charities.

Our extensive services are designed to meet our client’s specific needs.  Our objective is always to protect, secure and maximize our client’s holdings.  CRT has established careful internal procedures and staff training to insure the highest level of value and quality is always maintained.  We emphasize individual service and unparalleled professionalism.

  • Our Goal is to make your Costa Rican experience as user-friendly and pleasant as possible.
  • Our Vision is to create eco-minded communities that protect the environment while taking advantage of everything this amazing country has to offer.
  • Our Dream is to naturally accent this diverse land which is full of life and purity.
  • Our Reality is The Costa Rica Team.

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