Annual McKee Jaco Fundraiser Set For This Sunday

This Sunday, on March 4th, McKee Jaco will hold its annual fundraiser at the Green Room Cafe.

The project began in June 2003 to address the issue of the extraordinary amount of stray animals in the community roaming the streets.  As a result, more than 1000 animals are spayed and neutered each year, both strays and those from low income families. McKee also is committed to assisting with animal care and adoption by responsible owners. Volunteers treat and find homes for over 500 dogs and cats annually.

McKee Jacó is a non-profit organization which relies fully on the donations and good will of people committed to help with stray animals. It also provides help for animals whose owners simply cannot afford the costs for proper care. This includes medicine, antibiotics and treatment. The project relies on its annual McKee Jaco Fundraiser to raise the monies needed for all the costs incurred over the year.

” I remember when I first moved here over 15 years ago,  we would have to stop our cars in the road because there would literally be bands of dogs loose in the street. Since McKee Jaco has been controlling the problem, through spaying and neutering, you don’t see that anymore. As a result, the whole community benefits. It’s improved the town immensely” – Wendy Greenwald, resident and volunteer 

The annual fundraiser event will be from 3 – 8 p.m this Sunday. Because of the large turnout expected, Green Room Cafe prefers that you purchase a ticket ahead of time. The cost is $10. Contact  Wendy Veterinaria VillalobosTina WallaceDoris Schluckebier or Katja Bader. Of course, you can still get tickets at the door.

Founder Katja Bader hopes enough money is raised this year to start the education program again. This program connects with local schools to teach children different themes related to the cause, for example the difference between farm animals and pets. Art is incorporated into instruction so children have something to bring home and share with family members.

If you can’t attend the event and would like to make a donation, you can go directly to McKee’s facebook page. Just hit the blue Donate button and you will be led to the project’s website. Paypal donations can be made to

“This is our only fundraiser and a famous event we have every year. It’s a party with music, a silent auction and a raffle. I enjoy meeting everyone who comes out to show support and also those who help all year long.”   – Katja Bader, founder McKee Jaco 

Special thanks to Wendy Greenwald and Katja Bader for their input for this article.