Car Free Day in Costa Rica This Thursday

In alignment with Costa Rica’s eco-friendly policy and to support World Carfree Day, everyone is being asked to go car free this Thursday, September 22nd. The purpose of the day is to encourage people to walk, bike or take public transportation for the entire day. While it make take more time to prepare to spend the day with out your car, it is certainly worth it to conserve energy, even for a day. It is also an opportunity to bring awareness to the long term effect car pollution can have on Costa Rica, as more and more drivers are regularly taking to the road. By cultivating this awareness in drivers now, we don’t have to wait until vehicle pollution becomes a real problem here.bicycle_carfreeday

The greater purpose is to study the effects internationally of motor vehicle usage on our environment. It is also an opportunity to see how it effects us as individuals when we get out of our cars and use transportation that allows us to interact with our fellow human beings. By using public transportation we can engage in actual conversations with the person sitting next to us on the bus. Even if we speak different languages, we can try and have a meaningful connection. Riding a bike and walking slows down our pace and allows us to speak with other people as we pass. Take the extra moment, to have a conversation with someone you pass in the street.

Many public official are pledging to go “car free” for the day. You can too, as well as encouraging your friends and family to join you. You may feel that one day won’t make a difference but you won’t know unless you participate. We would love to hear how taking the time to be part of this country wide event impacted you. We can all do our part to help maintain Costa Rica’s environmentally friendly reputation.