The Exotic Hot Springs of La Fortuna

People come to Costa Rica for various reasons but it is a fact that many come to have a true vacation. Hot springs offer the opportunity to rest and experience rejuvenation by soaking in the thermal waters heated to therapeutic temperatures by a volcano. The majority and most well-known springs are located in the La […]

Costa Rica Ranks Number One for Healthy Lifestyle Overseas

A  healthy lifestyle is the result of an environment that lends itself to consistent exercise, a natural result of a climate that allows you to get outside year round. In fact, many ex-pats are enjoying better physical and mental well-being than ever. Costa Rica recently moved from fourth to number one ranking for healthy lifestyle, […]

Costa Rica ~ Home to a Plethora of Medicinal Plants

Costa Rica is home to a plethora of medicinal plants. One that is increasing in popularity is known as insulina because of its assistance in supporting diabetes treatment. Apparently by regularly drinking a tea made from the Justicia secenda plant the amount of insulin needed to regulate the patients diabetes will decrease. You can make […]

Car Free Day in Costa Rica This Thursday

In alignment with Costa Rica’s eco-friendly policy and to support World Carfree Day, everyone is being asked to go car free this Thursday, September 22nd. The purpose of the day is to encourage people to walk, bike or take public transportation for the entire day. While it make take more time to prepare to spend […]

Costa Rica Celebrates Over 150 Days of Renewable Energy Usage

ICE, the government run electricity institute reported that Costa Rica continues to run on renewable energy without any fossil fuels. So far this year the number of day comes to over 150 days with 76 of those days consecutively occurring since June 17, 2016. Costa Rica’s heavy tropical rainfalls and volcanoes provide a big source […]

Eco-Tourism is Thriving in Costa Rica

For many tourists, the abundant flora and fauna of Costa Rica draws them to visit. Even for those who come to Costa Rica for other initial reasons can’t help but be awed with the natural beauty they experience. Eco-tourism has been one of Costa Rica’s greatest assets for years and business owners, as well as […]

Charles Appreciates that Organic Market Provides Abundance of Healthy Food to the Community

Satori Peace Shop, Organic Market is located in Herradura near the intersection for the Auto Mercado shipping center. They provide an abundance of organic fruits, vegetables and meats; as well as locally crafted foods. Offering free-range, organic chickens and eggs, artisanal cheeses, smoked fish, corn tortillas and pastas. They also regularly keep in stock various […]

The Support Jaco Youth Servicentro Offers More than Just a Great Car Wash

The Support Jaco Youth Servicentro offers a variety of services, including eco-friendly car washes and cars for sale. All car washes uses non-toxic, biodegradable, non-hazardous products to clean your car, while protecting the environment. The Bronze Basic Wash is only 5,000 colones or $10 and includes a external hand wash, vacuum, basic interior cleaning and a […]

Charles Boyd Organizes Beach Clean Up with The Costa Rica Team and SJY

Charles Boyd is always looking for ways to serve his community so when he saw the trash that had washed up on share in Herradura Bay, he took the opportunity to rally The Costa Rica Team and the members of Support Jaco Youth to organize an impromptu beach clean up. The next day, after putting […]

The Costa Rica Team Appreciates the Beauty of the Green Season

During the green season on the central pacific coast we still get to enjoy warm days with cooling rains. The ocean is still temperate so we can swim and surf in just our bathing suits. The brilliance of the flora and fauna during this time of year is spectacular. The soothing sounds of the rain […]