Cielo Vista Project Moves Full Steam Ahead On Central Pacific Coast

Six months into the groundbreaking of the prime real estate known as Cielo Vista, The Costa Rica Team’s masterpiece project is moving full steam ahead. In approximately two weeks, the pluvial system will be completed. This rainwater structure ensures that all rainfall will drain in the most efficient way to two nearby rivers, Quebrada Puente […]

Jaco’s Farmer Market Full Of Freshness, Flavor and “Calidad”

Every Thursday night from around 6:30 until 10 pm, Jaco’s Feria, or Farmer’s Market, kicks into gear. It continues the following morning starting around 7 am and going until approximately 2 pm. You will find an extensive variety of fresh local and national fruit, vegetables, cheeses, chicken, baked goods, organic coffee and other treats. The […]

Jaco Walk Business Owners Share Passion For Their Work

Last week we began what we hope to be a series of articles on the various businesses you can find at the new commercial center, or mall, located just south of downtown Playa Jaco. Jaco Walk is a second home for many businesses owners who have poured their passion into creating appealing new spaces. In […]

Medical Tourism In Costa Rica Part 1: Comparing Costs

This is a follow up to the overview we did on the health care system in Costa Rica, including Medical Tourism. As the first of a three part series, we compare the difference in costs of various medical procedures performed in the United States and Costa Rica. Costa Rica has a quality health care system […]

Corcovado Is The Crown Jewel of National Parks

Corcovado National Park is located on the Osa Peninsula in southwestern Costa Rica and, as the largest national park, it protects approximately one third of the peninsula. It is one of the most complex freshwater and saltwater ecosystems in the world. There are at least thirteen distinct vegetation types identified within the park boundaries that […]

Visiting Costa Rica Changes Your Life Forever, Who Wouldn’t Want to Invest in a Life Change?

Once you visit Costa Rica you are changed forever. So often one visit turns into a second visit, which becomes an annual trip that easily becomes a permanent life change. Everyone I talk to who visits, is affected in some way, big or small. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem to matter what type of travel […]


Talk Costa Rica Sarah Moore & Elaine Shapiro New Beginnings          Talk Costa Rica | Charles Boyd, Costa Rica and The Costa Rica Team.  Starting a new job opens up many new adventures.  Something as simple as showing up at a certain location, at a certain time for five days in a row can change your […]