Charles Boyd Organizes Beach Clean Up with The Costa Rica Team and SJY

Charles Boyd is always looking for ways to serve his community so when he saw the trash that had washed up on share in Herradura Bay, he took the opportunity to rally The Costa Rica Team and the members of Support Jaco Youth to organize an impromptu beach clean up. The next day, after putting the word out later that evening, a group of volunteers was formed.  Armed with large plastic bags the team arrived in Herradura, outside the Los Suenos Marina, to begin to pick up trash from the beach.

TheCostaRicaTeamSupportJacoYouthBeachCleanUpBags upon bags were filled with debris. The most common items included plastic water bottles, single flip flops and butane lighters. Our oceans are all connected, whatever items are washing up on our shores in the pacific central coast of Costa Rica are also an issue world wide. We are grateful to be living in a country where people here are willing to volunteer to do their part in cleaning up this world wide problem. It was suggested by one of the volunteers that storms are an amazing opportunity to continuously clean our oceans. After a storm, everyone has the ability to go out with a trash bag and pick up some debris. It might feel like we are only making a small difference but as the Costa Rican motto of “poco a poco” or “little by little” indicates, we can all make a difference by taking action.

That is exactly what Charles did, he saw a need and took action. He and The Costa Rica Team regularly take action in our community. Being part of the Cielo Vista investment project is also helping to support our community. If you are looking for an investment that is making a difference in our world, take action and contact us today.