Cielo Vista Project Moves Full Steam Ahead On Central Pacific Coast

Six months into the groundbreaking of the prime real estate known as Cielo Vista, The Costa Rica Team’s masterpiece project is moving full steam ahead.

In approximately two weeks, the pluvial system will be completed. This rainwater structure ensures that all rainfall will drain in the most efficient way to two nearby rivers, Quebrada Puente to the north and Quebrada Bonita to the south. The terraces are also completed to the final grade. Vetiver grass, planted a month ago, is growing perfectly on the slopes throughout the development.

Early stages of development before the Vetiver grass was planted (Courtesy of Doug Valerio)

Recent photo showing the progression of growth of the Vetiver grass. (Courtesy of Doug Valerio)

Vetiver grass is s a dense, perrenial clump grass with stiff leaves that overlap. It is commonly planted along the contours of sloping land to slow down run-off. Rather that washing off the slope, rainwater absorbs into the soil. 

“The roots grow very well in the slopes and will reinforce their stability,” explains Yurving Lopez, owner of Maquinaria KYLCSA. He elaborates that in roughly eight months the slopes will be beautifully covered by the grass. The green fabric coverings (see photos), called sarans in Spanish, will naturally decompose as the dependable foliage continues to grow.

Pluvial System in Progression

A finished “caja de lluvia” or rain box (Photos courtesy of Doug Valerio)

Next Steps for Cielo Vista

The completion of the pluvial system is ahead of schedule and sets the stage for the next “pasos” or steps of the Cielo Vista Project. Next will be the sewage system and then the laying of pipes for drinking water. Electrical work including telecommunications with fiber optics will follow. The last step of the infrastructure will be the construction of roads.

The Central Pacific Coast typically receives the most rainfall during the months of October and November. December is when most Costa Ricans celebrate vacation time with family and friends throughout the nation. The next major phase of develpment on the Cielo Vista Project will be initiated in January, when summer or “the dry season” is in full swing. Regularly scheduled maintenance and security will operate as usual during the coming months.

Charles Boyd, Costa Rica

Completed terrace, 100% to the final grade (Courtesy, Doug Valerio)

Actual size of the pipes laid for Cielo Vista’s pluvial system. (Courtesy, Doug Valerio)

Special Thanks to Doug Valerio, Architect of Cielo Vista Project for his help in the reporting of updates and photos, and Yurving Lopez for contributing important details.

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