Costa Rica Awarded Gold Medal by CNN Dinero

Costa Rica has become a country widely-known as an exceptional, attractive place to live, and not solely for it’s inherent beauty.  Last week, the country was granted a gold medal by CNN Dinero, a program about economic issues as reported by experts and leaders in the business world. The gold medal was attributed to scoring high in categories such as stable economy, education , lack of corruption and ease of doing business. These scores are based on multiple internationally recognized sources such as the Global Competitiveness Index, the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law and the Legatum Prosperity Index. Costa Rican President Luis Guillerm Solís proudly posted the video by CNN Dinero on his official facebook page, hashtagging #BuenasNoticias, or Good News.

Costa Rica's President Lupe Guillermo Solis

Costa Rica’s President Lupe Guillermo Solis

The Legatum Prosperity Index 2016, based on research by the Legatum Institute in London, reports that Costa Rica ranks in the global top 30 nations for prosperity. Taking into account that Costa Rica is still considered to be a developing country, this is a well-deserved accomplishment. The report is based on 104 variables for 149 nations. The largest improvement is evident in Costa Rica’s business environment for the region, with the highest export qualities and “among the most competitive regulatory environment.”  In the Prosperity sub-index categories, Costa Rica performs best in the categories of Personal Freedom and Governance.


Costa Rica is recognized as one of the most stable democracies in the Americas. It consistently invests in education to produce higher levels of literacy. The nation demonstrates a well-educated and more globally connected leadership in government.  It’s stable, democratic political system and diversified economy make it a country that has earned its high ranking.


It’s easy to understand and appreciate why Costa Rica continues to sustain prosperity in an increasingly changing world. The proof is not only in the statistics, but can be experienced first hand. The Costa Rica Team congratulates Costa Rica for being awarded the CNN Dinero gold medal last week. We are proud to live and invest in this dynamic and beautiful country.