Meet Costa Rica Charlie

Charles Boyd   Costa Rica Charlie  Confidence and Sincerity:  Whether you know him as Charles Boyd or aka Costa Rica Charlie.

Confidence and Sincerity marks the man. You see his confidence immediately upon meeting him.

This confidence is infectious.  Charles has a talent for recognizing the best talent we each have to offer. His expansive nature with such a positive attitude makes one feel instantly that they themselves can do anything.  At least you know Charles Boyd can.

But the confidence is only overpowered by his sincerity.  Charles believes in what he is promoting and promote he does. Charles Boyd and Costa Rica Real Estate, The Costa Rica Team are currently promoting a 950-acre project, Cielo Vista between Herradura & Jaco, Costa Rica, along with other projects to follow. (eco-community) Charles believes in spiritual integrity, love of family and friends and Costa Rica.  Charles is the real thing and his love for Costa Rica is the real thing.  Having lived in Costa Rica for over 12 years, Charles knows everything there is to know in order to guide you though the due-deligence of purchasing a property, whether for a second home, retirement home or investment in Costa Rica Real Estate. Charles,Boyd, Costa Rica land specialist  offers you an opportunity to speak with him or visit him in his office at The Costa Rica Team Sarasota, Florida; awaiting you to  share beautiful pictures and videos of Costa Rica while you drink your coffee.

Charles Boyd’s Costa Rica Team Sarasota Florida, endeavors daily to put people throughout the area in Costa Rica, Central America.  The Costa Rica properties for sale they promote are located on the Pacific Coast where the coastline invites sun bathers and scuba worshipers to venture into the cool crystal water.  The Costa Rica Team currently has people on the ground in Costa Rica who are giving Costa Rica an evaluation whether for the purpose of retiring there, investing in Costa Rica Real Estate or buying as a second home. Costa Rica invites them with open arms with the “Happiest People on Earth” as their hosts.

Charles has spent the last 20 years of his life making a life inCosta Rica and promoting her beauty and “PURA VIDA” lifestyle, Costa Rica lifestyle.  Many of us in the United States (including the Occupy Group), are beginning to take our lives into our own hands, planning our futures and looking at new ideas for living and succeeding. With strife comes opportunity; opportunity to rescue your future, simplify your life and create a new success. The Costa Rica Team is waiting to be part of that future and Costa Rica dreams become reality.

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