Costa Rica Promotes In Spain

The president of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, applauded the efforts of his government to promote Costa Rica in Spain through a very particular initiative; this is how we promote our country Costa Rica in Barcelona and Madrid. Two trams completely covered with promotional images of Costa Rica travel through the Spanish cities, showing attractions of our culture and biodiversity.

It is promoted by means of transport without carbon dioxide emissions, consistent with the tourist sustainability policy. Large canvases were also placed in strategic buildings in these Spanish cities. The canvases are located in key points of passersby and frequent vehicles.

Around 48,000 European tourists have visited Costa Rica, a figure that is expected to increase with this initiative.

“Of every 100 European tourists who have entered the country this year by air, 15 are from Spain. From January to September 48,360 Spaniards entered, one of the most important tourist issuing markets to Costa Rica from the old continent, “said Maria Amelia Revelo, Minister of Tourism.

Campaigns in search of more tourists have been taking place in France, where 368 electric vehicles were transformed with elements of the Costa Rican biodiversity and circulated through the streets of Lyon and Bordeaux And in the United States also promoted the tricycles that Costa Rican coffee.

With all these fantastic steps being taken to promote Costa Rica’s natural beauty it is a sure win win situation for the up and coming high season of 2019-2020.