Costa Rica Ranks Number One for Healthy Lifestyle Overseas

A  healthy lifestyle is the result of an environment that lends itself to consistent exercise, a natural result of a climate that allows you to get outside year round. In fact, many ex-pats are enjoying better physical and mental well-being than ever. Costa Rica recently moved from fourth to number one ranking for healthy lifestyle, according to International Living’s current Global Retirement Index for 2016. A climate which encourages breathing in fresh air on a hike, bike ride or visit to a waterfall, also provides the perfect temperature for a large variety of fruits and vegetables to grow. Farmers markets are popular throughout the nation in both cities and beach towns. Imagine being able to fill your fridge for under $40 with healthy and essential food choices!

Getting outside more frequently can work wonders for your health, resulting in a happier state of mindMiradorJaco_TheCostaRicaTeam. Costa Rica boasts some of the most breathtaking volcanoes and diverse national parks in the world, along with long stretches of peaceful sandy beaches on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Sounds like the perfect setting to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities without ever getting bored! Imagine making excursions to a different national park every week or perhaps visiting a few favorites to enjoy hiking, bird-watching, relaxing in a hot spring or to experience the adrenaline rush of climbing toward the cascade of a waterfall. All of that is possible in the beautiful and diverse country of Costa Rica.

fruitsincostaricaDon’t take our word for it. Charles Boyd and The Costa Rica Team encourage you to come visit the country that continues to be the top tourist travel destination in the world. After the highly charged atmosphere of the recent election, come relax in a land that enjoys a stable democracy. Immerse yourself in an environment that promotes well-being on every level. Pura Vida!