Eco-Tourism is Thriving in Costa Rica

For many tourists, the abundant flora and fauna of Costa Rica draws them to visit. Even for those who come to Costa Rica for other initial reasons can’t help but be awed with the natural beauty they experience. Eco-tourism has been one of Costa Rica’s greatest assets for years and business owners, as well as the government, understand the importance of the continued protection of this amazing land. The Costa Rican government has initiated a plan to become the first country to become carbon neutral by 2021.

Scarlet Macaws The Costa Rica TeamThe Cielo Vista development is conscious about our environment and just as our partners at Club Del Mar Hotel & Resort understood when they first built their resort, creating an eco-friendly project makes good business sense as well as a sense of pride to be doing what is right for future generations. Cielo Vista’s land is original pasture land, which during the development process, our team will be planting trees and helping with reforestation of the area.

Trees and additional landscaping creates an entire eco-system in an area. Charlie Boyd and The Costa Rica Team look forward to bringing an abundance of life to the Cielo Vista community. We will definitely be encouraging our favorite birds, the scarlet macaw, to be a regular resident in our eco-friendly neighborhood.