Electric Cars and Lots Of Green: Costa Rica Promotes Itself In France

The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) and the government of the Republic launched a new tourism campaign to strengthen the attraction of tourists coming from France.

With small electric vehicles decorated with green vegetation alluding to the rainforest which characterizes the country, the idea of the campaign is to position Costa Rica as a destination for sustainable tourism.

According to the Presidential House, some 368 electric vehicles similar to those in the photographs invite you to visit the country through different locations in the cities of Lyon and Bordeaux.

The vehicles are labeled with the slogan “Essential Costa Rica”, characteristic of ICT´s advertising campaigns.

“The promotion of Costa Rica started during the autumn season in the iconic European country. For the execution of this idea a strategic alliance was made with the Quadri Play, a company recognized in France, for the rental of environmentally friendly vehicles, in the city. The fleet of environmentally friendly Costa Rican vehicles was conceived in conjunction with the Indigo public relations and marketing agency that provides ICT services in that country, “the ICT explained in a press release.

In conclusion with Costa Rica on the lips of most European nations, whether it’s because The European Magazine names it the natural choice of business, European flights increasing to Costa Rica to keep up with the demand, or one of our best  known marching bands joining the New Years parade in London; Costa Rica is sure to solidify its position worldwide as a distinguished nation for sustainable tourism. The secret is not only out!!! It is going GLOBAL! Costa Rica is the place to be!!!