Enjoying the Green Season on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

For year round ex-pats the beginning of the green season is heavenly. The first big rain brings a sense of renewal and brightens the greenery around the central pacific coast. It is a favorite time of year for many who now have the ability to slow down after a prosperous high season that typically runs from Thanksgiving through Easter. Fortunately for investors and business owners, the central pacific coast is one of the most popular and consistent places for people to visit through out the year. There is always movement and financial abundance.GreenSeason_CieloVista

The balance that the rainy season brings gives locals an opportunity to reconnect with other full time residents in the community. The first rain is a reminder to rest and recuperate. Many visitors that prefer more quietude also enjoy traveling to Costa Rica in the green season. Varying hotels and accommodations have special pricing for this time of year, making travel even more affordable. The rain typically lasts for a period of the day and then the sun graces everyone with its light and warming presence. For those accustom to cooler climates the rains also cool down the days and nights. The temperatures may drop but they are still a pleasant 83 degrees Fahrenheit or 28 degrees Celsius.

Whenever you enjoy traveling to Costa Rica, the central pacific coast has so much to offer. Its proximity to the airport along with great surfing, fishing, mountain biking, hiking or lounging by the pool during the day to have plenty of energy to win big at the casinos at night, is what makes this slice of paradise a favorite among everyone who comes to Costa Rica. If you are looking to retire, we at The Costa Rica Team can think of no better place than here. Get in touch with Charles Boyd to help you make your dreams come true. He has helped so many ex-pats retire and invest in Costa Rica over the past 20 years, you know you will get the information you need. Have a blessed day and we look forward to enjoying a warm cup of coffee with you soon.