Herradura & Jaco Living


Cielo Vista's Herradura View in Costa Rica

Herradura & Jaco, Costa Rica…..Living In Costa Rica

“Pura Vida:  Those of us who are transformed by the beach and ocean find just being within a few miles is living in Paradise.  We are all blessed with 70% of the planet being covered with water.  Adventuring to different beaches is a hobby in itself; finding every coast is different and intriguing.  None is more intriguing than the Pacific Coast of Central America.


Herradura & Jaco, Costa Rica itself is Paradise.  One can find a tranquil, laid back…Costa Rica lifestyle on any of the Central Pacific Coasts’ beaches.  The beaches of Herradura with the World Famous Los Suenos Marina & Jaco, the oldest surf town are the areas most popular beaches.

For those people wanting more adventure, there is snorkeling, diving, surfing, sport fishing, tours of rainforests, waterfalls to explore and repel from, white water rafting, and ATV or horseback tours.  Activities are limitless.  By the way, the diving includes an abundance of lobster and fishing might also yield yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, red snapper, snook, mackerel and sea bass. Nightlife is just a few minutes away in Jaco with restaurants, our finest seafood, night clubs and casinos.

Come stay in one of our many Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts and Cabañas.  People visit always wishing to stay longer while planning to come back as soon as possible.  Tranquility.  That is the key.  People come here for it.  People enjoy it.  People come back for it.  People move here for it from the United States, Canada and Europe.  More people move to Costa Rica than any other destination in the world with over 50,000 expats residing at present.


Cielo Vista's Jaco View in Costa Rica

If you want to enjoy a permanent residence here, or invest in real estate in Costa Rica, search out Cielo Vista: an 80-acre completely sustainable community between Herradura & Jaco. Each of the members of The Costa Rica Team and Charles Boyd, aka Costa Rica Charlie are available to talk with you; and, assist in searching out the best fit for you in your adventure, which we hope you will find in Costa Rica and Cielo Vista.  Come! We will be your neighbors!