Jaco Community Gives Warm Welcome To “The Swell Dealer”

The Costa RIca Team

John Marrero and Carly McDougall of The Swell Dealer Jaco

Carly McDougall is from Northern Ontario, Canada. She first visited Costa Rica in 2014 on a family vacation and, like many people who visit Costa Rica, she fell in love with “the culture, tropical climate and Pura Vida attitude.” She was inspired to return in order to learn Spanish and seek personal growth. Carly secured a job as second grade teacher just outside of Playa Tamarindo and taught there for two years. During that time she met John Marrero, the owner and founder of The Swell Dealer Tamarindo, and began tracking the paper’s growth since its first issue. “I learned a great deal about the business from John over the past two years,” she says.  When he decided that it was time for the paper to expand, he brought Carly on board when they both realized they would form a great team. She is now collaborating with him on establishing The Swell Dealer to the Jaco area.

Carly explained to us how The Swell Dealer is different than other publications and what people can expect to find in the Jaco edition.

September edition of The Swell Dealer in Tamarindo

Who is the original founder of The Swell Dealer and how long has it been in circulation? How would you describe the publication? 

The paper was founded by John Marerro and Melissa Smith in July 2015 in Tamarindo.

It has been serving Tamarindo and the surrounding areas for two years now. The first issue had 17 paying advertisers, 1 map and 1 calendar. It now has 3 maps, 4 calendars, close to 100 advertisers and over 1,500 followers on Facebook. Locals and tourists look to The Swell Dealer as their guide for events, deals, business specials, classes, music listings, maps, tide charts, bus schedules and community activities. It is often described as ‘The Bible of Tamarindo’ by its readers. We look forward to providing the same service here in Jaco.

Will you both still be involved in running The Swell Dealer Tamarindo? 

John will continue his work with The Swell Dealer in Tamarindo.. I will be in Jaco to get the paper off of the ground and to really ensure that I know the ins and outs of the community in order to best serve both the locals and tourists. John will definitely be involved as a reliable source for me to consult regarding business questions and ideas. We will be working together as a team to ensure that the Jaco paper is as big of a success as it is in Tamarindo. 

Carly enjoys beach time with her dog Collie at Playa Jaco

Maps And Calendars

What makes The Swell Dealer unique from other local papers? 

 The Swell Dealer Jaco is unlike any other publication currently offered in Jaco. It is strictly an informational guide where the focus will be on the businesses, what they want to promote and the community as a whole.

The paper contains business ads and then very specific features to capture the business’ information. The information is organized into a series of maps and calendars. The paper is colorful, has excellent quality, is completely recyclable, and just the right size to publicize businesses in the area.

 The maps make it easy for readers to find a participating business or  where a particular event is located. Readers will be able to get information and track activities that are happening in the community such as charity events, volunteer work, beach clean ups, recycling or fundraisers. These will be included on our Events calendar. 

Strong Online Presence

Will the information you will include in The Swell Dealer Jaco paper also be available online?

On Facebook we will be sharing any of our clients’ posts that feature an event or special. We will be creating a daily post on our facebook page that outlines where to find live music, events, classes, specials, and happy hours in the Jaco area each day. We are currently working on our website that will have all the business ads and features. You can check out the existing Tamarindo verson at www.theswelldealer.com to get an idea of the look and feel.

“At its core, The Swell Dealer puts a lot of information about the businesses and the area in your hands and/or at your fingertips in a simple reader friendly format.” – Carly McDougall, The Swell Dealer Jaco

Charles Boyd

Carla enjoys free salsa classes and meeting locals with Bailando Jaco Group

Will the paper be bilingual and do you plan to include articles?

The publication will be in English and the currency of specials or deals will be listed in colones.The Swell Dealer is a ‘paper’ in the physical sense. However, it is really an informational guide, or even almanac of sorts, of the happenings in Jaco and surrounding areas. The publication will not include written articles that you would find in a typical newspaper. Its an all inclusive guide that will ensure locals and tourists are in the “know” about what is going on around town. 

Community and Business Connections

How are you impressed by the Jaco community? 

I have loved every minute of getting to know the Jaco area! I am very impressed by all of the local initiatives that are making Jaco a beautiful safe and clean city to live in. I have seen an excellent police presence out on the streets, gorgeous murals painted around town by Artify Jaco, the “Yo Cuido Jaco” campaign, Karma Tribe beach clean ups just to mention a few. The community of Jaco has welcomed me with open arms.

Which surrounding areas will The Swell Dealer include outside of Jacò? 

Playa Hermosa and Herradura. 

When can we expect to see the first issue and where can it be found?

You can expect to see the first issue out the first of October! You will be able to find the publication on the main streets of Jaco including information desks, car rental services, shuttle services, major businesses, hotels, hostels, super markets and contributing businesses. 

John and Carly working together at Taco Fest in Tamarindo

How can businesses get in touch and what is the deadline for advertising in the first issue? 

The deadline for advertising in the first issue is September 15th. We would like to receive all of the advertisements by the 15th, and information regarding events, happy hours, specials, music, and classes no later than the 20th of September. You can contact us through our Facebook page ‘The Swell Dealer- Jaco Area’, via email at theswelldealerjaco@gmail.com or by calling me  at 8566-8319.

“The Swell Dealer is something that Jaco really needs. There are so many fun and wonderful things going on around town but no one specific place to find all of this information. The Swell Dealer Jaco is going to help tourists and locals understand more of just how great Jaco is!”  – Carly McDougall 


The Costa Rica Team welcomes  Carly and The Swell Dealer to our Jaco Community and best wishes moving forward.