Jaco’s Farmer Market Full Of Freshness, Flavor and “Calidad”

Flaco has juicy pineapples for 800 colones, about $1.20. Pictured with Sharon Vargas of Playa Hermosa, shopping with eco-friendly bags

Every Thursday night from around 6:30 until 10 pm, Jaco’s Feria, or Farmer’s Market, kicks into gear. It continues the following morning starting around 7 am and going until approximately 2 pm. You will find an extensive variety of fresh local and national fruit, vegetables, cheeses, chicken, baked goods, organic coffee and other treats. The vibe is friendly and upbeat. Regular consumers greet and rub shoulders with acquaintances as they connect with the artisans, many of whom have been doing business at the Farmer’s Market for over ten years.

Cheeses from Zarcero

Olger is one of those artisans who lives in the canton of Zarcero near San Carlos. He brings delicious cheeses from his hometown, the most popular being the semi-duro (semi-hard) and tierno, a milder “queso.” He explains that he has been selling at Jaco’s Farmers market for 16 years, first when it operated in front of the Municipality, then later when it moved to Calle Ancha and presently in the market’s location behind the clinic and next to the soccer field.

He makes the trip down every Thursday to capitalize on the two days. In the past, the Feria was only open on Fridays. Besides cheese, Olger brings generous portions of pan de maiz,  corn bread, and maisano bread.

Local Artisan Brews

Nathalie of Kombucha Pacifica

Nathalie is from France but has been living in Playa Jaco for the past twenty three years, where she has also raised a family. She is the innovator behind Kombucha Pacifica , which specializes in five flavors of kombucha. The two most popular are the Mango Maracuya and Ginger. Samples are generously offered. Kombucha has beneficial bacteria, also known as probiotics, which are needed for nutrient absorption and digestion. Two different size bottles are available for a good price and a whole lot of taste.


James Thibault of T-Bolt Costa Rica Organic Gourmet Coffee

James Thibault, originally from Orange County, California, is the owner of T-Bolt’s Costa Rican Organic Gourmet Coffee. After experiencing the rich flavor of Costa Rican coffee several years ago, James was inspired to produce an organic coffee without chemicals. Now in operation for just over two years, James is passionate about providing quality coffees to the public. Some of the brews available include “Clint Eastwood Go Ahead Wake My Day” Espresso and his specialty Vanilla instant iced coffee. He also makes a coffee liquer which is crafted in his home on Calle Hermosa.

Find both T-Bolt organic coffees and also Kombucha Pacifica locally at Vida Pura on Jaco Walk, La Tiendita of Green Room and at the Satori Peace Shop in Herradura.

Meno Delicias

Isaac, Gloria and their daughter Cesia of Meno Delicias

Isaac and Gloria have been coming to the Jaco Feria from San Isidro for the past ten years. Meno Delicias specializes in a wide variety of homemade treats, including cakes, pies, cookies, cinamon rolls, dinner rolls, jams and peanut butter. Travelling and working as a family is a way of of life for these friendly folk. Be sure to stop by their table early to get the best selection of goods.

There are many more artisans and participants at Jaco’s Farmer’s Market, or Feria, that we didn’t get a chance to talk to. We hope to do a follow up article soon! Thank you Olger, Nathalie, James and Gloria for taking the time to talk to us.

The Feria is located just past the town’s Clinic and to the left of the Multiuse Gym and Soccer Field. To get there, turn onto the small road in front of the Municipality that leads to the post office and clinic. Find parking and enjoy the shopping. You will find a laid back atmosphere and lots of happy vendors that delight in connecting with the community.