Juanita’s by Green Room: A Latin Fusion Menu With Creative Cocktails

Juanita’s by Green Room is Costa Rican Raquel Salazar’s second restaurant. Raquel tells us that although it is an adventure she has taken on alone,  she is helped by an incredible and loving staff.  Many locals know her from Green Room Cafe, her first restaurant, located in the heart of Jaco. Raquel was a principal player in opening that restaurant, and has been involved in its evolving conceptual design and operation during the last six years.

Now, she is excited to have the new Juanita’s restaurant at Jaco Walk. Here are some details from our interview with Raquel, including what customers can expect at her new Latin fusion restaurant.

CRT:      How long have you been working in the restaurant business?

” I have worked in gastronomy for at least 14 years doing everything: cooking, washing dishes, bartender, assistant, hostess, waitress, etc. Those experiences have helped me to run Green Room and now this new project.”  – Raquel Salazar, Owner at Juanita’s

CRT:    Who is responsible for the architecture, design and construction?

Raquel:  The design and architecture were a collaboration of  the concept and my ideas with the talent and creativity of two incredible friends: Karla Lopez (decoration) and Christian Hernández (construction). Without their contribution my crazy ideas would have just been a disaster.

The Costa Rica Team

Raquel Salazar of Juanita`s by Green Room

Latin Fusion Menu

CRT:  Is the menu available online? How does it differ from Green Room Cafe’ s menu?

Raquel:  The menu is not  available online yet but I am working on it. Juanita`s menu is Latin fusion, which means that we use flavors by criollo-latin dishes and  make them our own. Green Room`s menu is defined as fusion food comfort, Both menus are characterized by the qualities of artisan, homemade, natural and organic.

The Costa Rica Team

Live Music on Friday nights

CRT:        Do you have live music every weekend? Where are the musicians from?

Raquel:  Music is only on Fridays on Girls Night Out. We have  an acoustic repertoire featuring local musicians and some guests from outside the area.

CRT:        You have a full bar and also craft beer?

Raquel:  Yes,  we have a full bar. In fact, our forte is creative cocktails. We create our own infusions, narrowing, reductions etc .And we also work with a couple of craft breweries that complement our image.

Savory Specials

CRT:      What are some of the specials or promotions  that Juanita’s offers its clients?

Raquel:    On Fridays we have our Girls Night Out where the ladies can enjoy our creative cocktails crafted by Laura Farrier for free from 7pm to 10pm. Saturdays we have specials on cocktail pitchers and we are creating a special happy hour menu for Monday through Fridays from 5 to 8 p.m.

On Sundays, we serve Brunch on at 11 am and kids under 12 eat for free. 

The Costa Rica Team

Laura Farrier serving up her specialty: original hand crafted concoctions

“I love that Raquel lets me be creative and trusts in my passion for bar mixology.  Jaco Walk is an amazing beautiful place to work. I absolutely love the local vibe. It actually feels less touristy and more family oriented.”  – Laura Farrier, bartender at Juanita’s. Laura has known Raquel for seven years She helped with the opening of Green Room Cafe.


CRT:    What do you like about the Jaco Walk location?

Raquel:  Jaco Walk is a magical place in Jaco, I love how it has created a beautiful, clean and family-oriented atmosphere.

Thank you Raquel for your friendly participation in our Jaco Walk series speaking with business owners. We wish you much success with your new venture at Juanita’s! 

Juanita´s by Green Room is open daily from 5pm – 11pm. Phone 2643.4110