Karma Tribe Celebrates Its First Year Anniversary

“How can we, in our short lives, make a significant positive impact in the world?”

This was the question  David Grillot and his friend Allan Campbell were contemplating some years ago. Both were active members of Couchsurfing at the time, a website service that allows you to offer and request free travel lodging. “It occurred to us that the same concept could be extended to a sharing platform for any kind of good or service,” David (Dave) explains. The result was the eventual formation of Karma Tribe, a global network of people willing to help each for free. The project works through the website karmatribe.com, where you can make a profile, and then offer and request free services per your talents, interests and needs. April 1st marked the one year anniversary of  the Karma Tribe website up and running. 

Karma Tribe celebrated it´s One Year Anniversary on April 1st.

Creating A Gift Economy

The project was born in the Jaco/Hermosa area, but over the past year has grown to over 2,000 members in 35 countries. Dave is the founder of Karma Tribe and has been driving the project forward from day one.  “I’m the guy who said let`s go for it. Life occasionally gives us very special opportunities. If we listen to our hearts, we will notice them. By following through with them, we have a chance to live in a way that aligns with our purpose and can rise to our highest potential.”

Several members in the Jaco area participate in the bi-weekly Beach Clean Up events

Dave  describes Karma Tribe as a gift economy. “Everything is offered from the heart, with no expectation of anything in return.”  As a member, you can explore the listings of “favors” by geographical area or by category. There may be someone you could help or conversely someone may be offering something that you are interested in “acceptng.”

Beach Clean Up Events

There are 200 members of Karma Tribe in the Jacò and Hermosa communities. Several members participate in the Beach Clean Up events every two weeks which help promote Karma Tribe while giving back to the community.

“The beach cleanup is a perfect metaphor for the Karma Tribe project, because we get together to lend a hand to Mother Nature and get back something much greater. We always have a lot of laughs as we clean the beach, and it is a very pleasurable and satisfying activity. It´s the perfect way to start off the weekend. Countless new friendships are formed, and it is inspirational to anyone who watches us. Many times people spontaneously join in.”  Speaking of karma, Dave found a brand-new pair of sandals that were exactly his size at the last beach clean up. He also  met a film-maker who has since decided to make a small documentary about Karma Tribe.

Karma Tribe offered ice cold water during Jungle Jam`s music festival last month

Jungle Jam Success

Last month, Dave and other members had a tent set up at the popular music festival Jungle Jam, held right here in north Jacò. They provided cold water to anyone who was thirsty during the four day event. One hundred and fifty new members signed up for Karma Tribe including several of the musicians. Dave recalls a special moment when Costa Verdes invited him and some others to plant trees alongside Mike Love and his band. “This is my favorite band and their music has been my sound track during my long hours of working on Karma Tribe.”  Costa Verdes is a non-government organization dedicated to restoring the coastal ecosystems in Costa Rica. 

Free Dance Classes

Karma Tribe offers regular free dance classes in Playa Jaco

Karma Tribe currently provides free dance classes in Jaco, organized by dance instructor Maja. You can learn the bachata, salsa, cha cha, and swing criolla while meeting new people. Some of the classes have attracted up to forty people.


Every Sunday morning at 8:30 CST, Karma Tribe does a live show on it`s Karma Tribe Facebook page called Blissin’ Out. Dave and co-host Jackie explore topics like stepping out of your comfort zone, setting intentions, the power of perspective and breaking down attachments, They interview guests from around Costa Rica. Furthermore, they report some of the remarkable recent favors available on Karma Tribe.

Jackie, Dave and tour guide Diego on a recent trip to the Oso Peninsula.

“Jackie drives the show with her amazing energy and relentless enthusiasm. She has become an internet star. Our videos have had over 100,000 views, and people are now recognizing us all around Costa Rica,” Dave says proudly.


Dave would like to acknowledge  new programmer Andres Arias, an experienced Software Engineer who worked seven years as a University Professor in the Computer Science Master’s Program at the UCR (University of Costa Rica). He is now helping Karma Tribe with his technical prowess which is only surpassed by his extreme kindness.”

Gabriel Guillem, a former student at Las Nubes in nearby Herradura, has been volunteering a lot of time with Karma Tribe, both in social media strategy and business development. He is earning his way into the inner circle of Karma Tribe credited to his passion about the vision. Dave acknowledges that he is a highly intelligent, creative and hard-working young man. 

Dave´s friend Allan Campbell, mentioned above, continues to stay involved with Karma Tribe working on the marketing team remotely from Holland.

A Good Work In Progress

In summary, Karma Tribe is a global network of people who genuinely enjoy helping others.

“We are creating a more collaborative world and lessening our dependence on money. I am working very hard on this project and I am the happiest that I have ever been”
– David Grillot, Founder of Karma Tribe.

Follow Karma Tribe on instagram . For more information on beach clean up events, click here.  To find out about upcoming free dance classes, click here

The Costa Rica Team is excited about what Karma Tribe is doing to create more harmony in our community and applauds its efforts to connect on a global level. We wish Dave and his team continued success and, of course, always good karma.