Costa Rica Lifestyle!

Costa Rica Lifestyle!  Like most vacation spots, Costa Rica has its special brand of night life, restaurants, natural sites, daytime activities and a sense of timelessness that makes you want to do it all. 

The "Happiest People on the Planet"  have reason to be so.  They have given in to the Pura Vida life.  A life that puts you in the present without a care; and, the adventures transport you back to a time when the active life you love is happening all around you without ceasing. 

The many natural resources of Costa Rica are preserved by the government with 25% of the land being protected as natural parks, jungles and wildlife preserves.  Thousands of bird species make one feel closer to nature and inspires you to draw on your special creative nature and add to its beauty and longevity. Costa Rica has more than 5% of the entire world species of birds.

Pura Vida!  My wish for you today and always.  With the economy and challenges we each encounter today; it is necessary to find that special place inside yourself to enjoy the special things that make you "you" and inspires you to build on that for a new tomorrow.  Wrap your arms around the concept and take off to Costa Rica for the adventure of a lifetime.

Costa Rica Real Estate awaits you there with the government as your aid in successful assimilation.  Costa Rica businesses are abundantly owned and operated my foreign citizens. I recently met a man who lived in Costa Rica for over twenty years.  He is a good example of the Pura Vida life with his gentle, fun-loving  nature.  Charles Boyd is a man you cannot help but like as he speaks with love for the land of Costa Rica, the people of Costa Rica and the Pura Vida life. Costa Rica Charlie!  I recently talked with a man who opened an ice cream shop in Costa Rica, one with a bicycle shop and am working with a young man who is opening a surf shop in Esterillos soon.

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Beat you there!  Ready,    Set,    Go!                                                     

Elaine Shapiro
Marketing Assistant
The Costa Rica Team