Memorial Service for a Well Loved Member of the Los Suenos Community

GerardAliseoBillfishChampionGerard Aliseo was a well loved member of the Los Suenos community. His memorial service, held this past Saturday Nov 28, 2015 @ 10am at the Los Suenos Beach Club was lead by pastor David of Radical Church in Jaco. Pastor David also lead monthly Beach Club Fellowship Services. Whenever Gerard was in town, he would attend.  The service was attended by many locals, as well as family members that traveled into town specifically to honor Gerard in his second home and the country he loved.

Gerard invested in Costa Rica personally and in business. As the original owner of Costa Rica Dreams Spotfishing he invested in the Costa Rican locals to captain and run his fleet of sportfishing boats. Many locals were able to prosper due to his generosity and the business opportunities he provided. Gerard also invested in Costa Rica’s people, continuously helping families in need.


He was also a huge part of the ex-pat community that call Los Suenos their home. He was always  humble and made everyone feel welcome. He had a big voice and an even bigger heart, that deeply touched everyone who had the opportunity to work for him or spend time with him, whether it was on land or out fishing.

He was a Billfish Campion fisherman, captain and successful entrepreneur in both Costa Rica and New Jersey. Determined and hard working, fair and respectful, he treated people like family. He was an avid family man with a passion to share fishing with them. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

We are all blessed that such amazing people are investing in this beautiful country and especially is this unique area of the pacific central coast.