Over Half A Million Ecolones Awarded In Recycling Initiative

The Costa Rica Team

Glass bottles, cartons, aluminum cans, and plastic have been given value as recyclable materials that become virtual money through a network of 36 authorized collection centers throughout Costa Rica. These centers facilitate the delivery and collection of waste. The cryptocoin, given the name ecolon, is a digital platform that gives value to sustainability.

Just two and a half week since its launch, the ecolones initiative has attracted over 17 thousand registered users, 32 thousand followers in social networks and hundreds of companies interested in granting discounts and promotions. It was just recently reported through instagram that over a half million ecolones have been granted.

The initiative is promoted by the Ministry of Health of Costa RIca and the transnational company Pròxima Comunicaciòn.

If you throw away glass, plastic or aluminum you are throwing money into the trash. Ecolones is the first system of incentives that awards recycling and promotes  purchases and sustainable experiences. 

The ecolon has the value of one Costa Rica colon and the amount rewarded depends on the  value of the item in the recycling market. According to Karla Chaves, director of the initiative, Ecolones works on education and changes in habits, explaining that the first months will be a time for adjustment. 

The Costa Rica Team

When carrying your materials you must follow the following rules:

  1. Closed bags or scrambled or dirty materials will not be accepted, as they currently arrive at the collection centers.
  2. Only ecolones will be delivered for the materials indicated in www.ecolonescr.com. Paper and cardboard are received, but for now they do not grant ecolones, they will soon be integrated into the program.
  3. The workers of the collection centers or the volunteers will not manipulate the bags or the materials, they will only be there to register quantities of clean, dry and separated materials and to deliver the ecolones.
  4. If a person arrives with materials other than those indicated, or in poor condition (dirty, scrambled), they will be asked to take them and will not register ecolones.
  5. If the users are not willing to clean, dry and separate the materials, we suggest that they do not take them, and that they use other recycling programs, because the program is designed so that each one is responsible for their waste, and with this receives the incentives.

To set up your ecolones account, or find out more about registering your company or collection center, you can go to www.ecolonescr.com. For more information visit social networks FB and Instagram @ecolones.  

What are you waiting for? Dust off your recyclable items and get to work for a more sustainable Costa Rica. You will be paid back in so many more ways than one.