Puddlefish Cerveceria Ready To Serve Craft Beer Lovers

The Costa Rica Team

Puddlefish Brewery at Jaco Walk

For Danny and Katie Clark, running successful restaurants is nothing new. The personable, talented couple have opened and run two of the highest ranked restaurants (on Trip Advisor) in Playa Jaco for the past several  years. Now they have moved both Graffiti and Side Street Bistro  to Jaco Walk, the new commercial center where you can enjoy shopping, dining out and many advantageous services. Puddlefish Cerveceria is the latest of the trio of restaurants owned and operated by the Clarks. Katie took the time to share some of the couple’s history with us, what to expect at Puddlefish and why Jaco is a special place to raise a family.

TCR:  How long have you and Danny been in the restaurant business together in Jaco?

Katie: Danny has lived and worked in the restaurant industry in Costa Rica for over 25 years.  We met soon after he opened Graffiti.  It has been open for 7 years. Three years ago, we opened Side Street Bistro together. PuddleFish started as a Nano Brew Closet inside Side Street Bistro.  It grew and developed into what it is now and we officially opened its doors together 3 months ago.

The Brewmaster

The Costa Rica Team

Twelve different craft beers on tap. Danny brews half of those and chooses the others from craft breweries in Costa Rica.

TCR:    How long has Danny been brewing beer and where did he learn the process?

Katie:  Danny has been a fan of craft beer forever. He brewed his first batch when he was in highschool, although this was very experimental. He became more fascinated with the process around 15 years ago when he assisted my brother, Zach McDuffie (School of the World Founder) in brewing a batch of beer with a home brew kit. These days he is able to apply his knowledge from the kitchen to balance flavors and create unique recipes.

TCR:      Do you and Danny have a favorite beer? Have you noticed a customer favorite?

Katie:    Hmmm,  that’s a tough one.  We love them all but Danny’s favorite would probably be the Barba Roja Amber Ale

My favorite would either be our Cilantro Honey Wheat. The Sailors Bounty Golden Pale Ale is very popular with our customers.

A Crafty Menu

TCR:      Is there a full menu at Puddle Fish?

Katie:    Yes, there is a full dinner menu at PuddleFish. We offer a great selection of “small plates” that are great for sharing within a group or if you are alone and just want a small bite with your beer. We also offer delicious vegetarian options, salads, main entrees with either Seafood, Beef or Chicken.  You can also choose any of our Side Street classics like our New Orleans Box Car Burger with Cajun Fries.  The menu was created with craft beer in mind.

The Costa RIca Team

We wish to share with our customers the pleasure of pairing craft beer with the perfect dish.

Our kitchen for both the Puddlefish and Side Street Bistro venues is what we like to call a “Food Truck Sin Ruedas.” Both utilize the same kitchen but the menus change from lunch to dinner so essentially they are two different restaurants with two different menus.

Different Hats, Same Boat

TCR:    What roles do you and Danny play in the running of your business?

Katie:  Danny handles a lot behind the scenes from planning the menu, helping to direct the kitchen and creating specials, brewing our beer to building stage lights for our musical performers.  I enjoy working with the front of the house, planning special events, working on the social media (with tremendous help from our in house Graphic Designer, Miss Catalina Daneri).

 I also really enjoy the interior design and styling elements that go along with having a restaurant.  Danny and I both really enjoy planning, designing and creating comfortable unique spaces for our staff and customers.

Some Specials You Can Enjoy

TCR:   You run a lot of specials; are they constantly changing? Is there one that is a favorite?

Katie:  We like to stick with the favorites- like our “Bottomless Mimosas + $4 Bloody Marys” on Sunday but we also like to keep it fresh and mix it up…

The Costa RIca Team In PuddleFish our favorite is “Tuesday Margs and Mai Tais”  We play vintage surf music and give away Free Mai Tais and Margs from 9-10pm to anyone wearing Hawaiian attire.

We also offer LIVE Music every Wednesday and Thursday Evening in our Patio!

TCR:   What is special to you about being located in Jaco Walk?

Katie:  We are grateful for the opportunity to bring our businesses here. We believe in the vision of those behind Jaco Walk.  We knew we wanted to part of this positive movement for the community of Jaco. The project of Jaco Walk sends a positive message that is centered around family, culture and nature.  These are things very important to us.

TCR:   What do you love as a family about living in the Jaco Community?

Danny and Katie Clark

Katie:   We love the beach, we love a more relaxed laid back style of living.  We enjoy the small town feel where you go through town and will always wave to someone you know.  We enjoy being a part of the cultural and artistic movement that is taking place in Jaco. We appreciate the support of our team and our customers who have become our friends and family over the years.


Thanks for your time Katie! We wish you and Danny continued success with all of your restaurants and enduring enjoyment of our community.

Puddlefish Cerveceria is open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

*This article is the second in a series of articles that will feature some of the various businesses at Jaco Walk.