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The Costa Rica Team  in our favorite “C O S T A   R I C A !”: PURA VIDA and all that! : TA DA – TELECOMMUNICATIONS  and OUTSOURCING ARE the two most likely agents to lead Costa Rica and other growing businesses to a  4.3% growth rate in 2011 and 4.5% in 2012 in Costa Rica. Real Estate and Costa Rica Growth

The Central Bank of Costa Rica has upped these figures to 4.7% for 2012 as the economy shows signs of improvement in Costa Rica, the United States and the world.  Investments in high-tech factories and call centers in Costa Rica enable this acceleration.  Foreign direct investment reached 2.2 billion dollars in 2011, up 50% over the previous year.  During the early months of 2011, the building sector increased sales volume by 54% over previous years.

In a continuing effort to encourage foreign investors, the government opened up the mobile phone sector to private competitionIBM, computer marketing division, recently added $300 million to build a new IT service center in Costa Rica, citing the highly-skilled workforce and the business-friendly laws as supporting.

Continued growth and major influx of foreign investors is positioned to grow the real estate market. According to the Institute of Economic Research at the University of Costa Rica, participants in a recent poll of 500 entrepreneurs questioned were optimistic about the next three months in the economy. 37% of construction companies in the poll were looking to hire more people during July, August and September, 2012.  

Robert Murillo, Executive Manager of the Costa Rica Chamber of Commerce, believes it is a good time to take over a building project because “construction materials and prices are at a reasonable level right now and there are plenty of qualified workers who are ready to work.”

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