Surprised Costa Rican Students Win Opportunity to Visit NASA

Six Costa Rican teenagers will be going to visit NASA in Cape Canaveral, Florida in October as part of a foundation, SOY CAMBIO (“I AM CHANGE”) program, whose formal name is the Program of Student Leadership and Employability. This foundation works with motivated, low-income students between 15 and 19 years old in Costa Rica and Nicaragua by providing them with intensive support in achieving their academic and professional goals, including training in subjects like English and technology.

GOES-R_NASA_TheCostaRicaTeamSandra Cauffman, a Costa Rican deputy project manager for NASA who co-directed the MAVEN mission to Mars and director of the GOES-R satellite program is part of the organization that is providing these youth with the opportunity to visit Florida. The six students will witness the new launch of the GOES-R satellite.  Most of the winners, whom were chosen from of a writing contest, “¿Qué tan lunático sos?” come from the toughest neighborhoods in San Jose, Costa Rica, just as Cauffman did. She is an example of what hard work and passion for attaining your dreams can look like.

Charles Boyd also works with disenfranchised youth, to provide them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise obtain. When someone reaches out a helping hand the miracles are amazing. Everyone at The Costa Rica Team wishes these students well as they take the next step on their journey to making their dreams a reality. If your dream is to retire in Costa Rica, we can help you make that come true!