Puddlefish Cerveceria Ready To Serve Craft Beer Lovers

For Danny and Katie Clark, running successful restaurants is nothing new. The personable, talented couple have opened and run two of the highest ranked restaurants (on Trip Advisor) in Playa Jaco for the past several  years. Now they have moved both Graffiti and Side Street Bistro  to Jaco Walk, the new commercial center where you can […]

The Diverse and Historical Province of Alajuela

The city of Alajuela is also known as the “City of Mangos” due to the large number of mango trees found there. It is the capital of the second largest province in Costa Rica and located about 11 miles (17 km) northwest of  San Jose, along the General Cañas highway. The province contains one of […]

Tamales, Rompope and Lights: Christmas Costa Rica Style

Christmas is less than three weeks away and excitement is building throughout Costa Rica. The whole month of December vibrates with a noticeable excitement. Costa Rican families typically have vacation beginning mid-month when the traditional school-year ends. Families living in the capital city of San José often flock to the beaches while others enjoy the […]

Costa Rica Ranks Number One for Healthy Lifestyle Overseas

A  healthy lifestyle is the result of an environment that lends itself to consistent exercise, a natural result of a climate that allows you to get outside year round. In fact, many ex-pats are enjoying better physical and mental well-being than ever. Costa Rica recently moved from fourth to number one ranking for healthy lifestyle, […]

Costa Rica ~ Home to a Plethora of Medicinal Plants

Costa Rica is home to a plethora of medicinal plants. One that is increasing in popularity is known as insulina because of its assistance in supporting diabetes treatment. Apparently by regularly drinking a tea made from the Justicia secenda plant the amount of insulin needed to regulate the patients diabetes will decrease. You can make […]

Car Free Day in Costa Rica This Thursday

In alignment with Costa Rica’s eco-friendly policy and to support World Carfree Day, everyone is being asked to go car free this Thursday, September 22nd. The purpose of the day is to encourage people to walk, bike or take public transportation for the entire day. While it make take more time to prepare to spend […]

Costa Rica Celebrates Over 150 Days of Renewable Energy Usage

ICE, the government run electricity institute reported that Costa Rica continues to run on renewable energy without any fossil fuels. So far this year the number of day comes to over 150 days with 76 of those days consecutively occurring since June 17, 2016. Costa Rica’s heavy tropical rainfalls and volcanoes provide a big source […]

Educational Classes and Community Events Available for Retiring Adults in Garabito, Costa Rica

Adult education is a part of the Epicentro community center in the Garabito county. For adults 50 years and older there are new classes being offered. These classes will begin mid-May and run until mid-August. All classes are held once a week and cost between $25 to $45 for the entire duration. Mental stimulation is […]

The Beaches of the Pacific Central Coast were filled with Kids Having “Futbol” Fun

Soccer, known as Futbol in the Latin communities, is a favorite amongst kids here in Costa Rica. Over the 2 week holiday that began mid-Decmber and lasted until this past weekend the sight of children of all ages, including adults dotted the landscape of the beaches here on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica. […]

Charles Appreciates that Organic Market Provides Abundance of Healthy Food to the Community

Satori Peace Shop, Organic Market is located in Herradura near the intersection for the Auto Mercado shipping center. They provide an abundance of organic fruits, vegetables and meats; as well as locally crafted foods. Offering free-range, organic chickens and eggs, artisanal cheeses, smoked fish, corn tortillas and pastas. They also regularly keep in stock various […]