The Beaches of the Pacific Central Coast were filled with Kids Having “Futbol” Fun

Soccer, known as Futbol in the Latin communities, is a favorite amongst kids here in Costa Rica. Over the 2 week holiday that began mid-Decmber and lasted until this past weekend the sight of children of all ages, including adults dotted the landscape of the beaches here on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica. Typically two random object will be set up at each end of the playing “field” to mark the goal. If a team gets the ball close to the marked objects then it is a Goal. As Charles Boyd said, “It is great to see everyone enjoying the outdoors and staying active.”

BeachSoccer_CostaRica_PacificCentralCoastFutbol is a definitely a national past time here and everyone in Costa Rica is proud of our accomplishments during last years World Cup games. You can see locals and tourists alike, watching a spirited game of soccer in most restaurants and bars when the season is in full swing. Of course, even soccer players need a break and so fans definitely took to the beach to enjoy the game they love.

It reminds me of playing kick ball at the end of the street, growing up as a kid. The comradery and fun of being out for hours, playing with friends. That is the joyful spirit that filled our beaches the last few weeks. Everyone at The Costa Rica Team enjoys a spirited game, whether as participants or viewers. Whether soccer is your game of choice or not, I am sure you will find the lively people of Costa Rica a joy to be around. Come visit us soon.