The Central Pacific Coast is Known for World Class Waves

The central pacific coast of Costa Rica is known for its abundance of world class surf spots. Hermosa Beach, outside of Jaco, is home to many national and international surf competitions and is a favorite with surf legend, Kelly Slater. Hermosa beach is not for the faint of heart, the barrel waves that consistently crash on shore will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. These waves are best when the tide is growing from low to mid-tide. If you are a beginning or intermediate surfer, the Jaco bay creates fun, easy waves for you to enjoy. Many surf camps and surf school call Jaco beach home because of the consistency of waves here. The gentle slope of the sand as it rolls into the expansive bowl that is Jaco bay, creates smaller, more gentle waves. In Jaco, you will see the shore dotted with boards at high tide. Low tide at Jaco can create big close out waves that are fun to watch and listen to, but not much fun to ride.

PlayaHermosa_SurfIn addition to the two most popular surf beaches in the area, there are also waves for miles up and down the coast. Esterios is another popular surf location, with most surfers getting in the water close to the “Sierena”, a mermaid statue that is located at the end of the first entrance into Esterios Oeste. Bejuco beach is located a little further south and is definitely a more intermediate break. It is best around mid-tide. During low tide in Bejuco the ocean becomes tranquil and is a nice place for the whole family to swim and play at the shores edge.

If you prefer to go more north the best break around is right outside of Puntarenas at Boca Barranca. Known as the longest left in the area, this spot only breaks during a large swell. For those that are extremely adventurous, there is Roca Loca located off the cliffs between Jaco and Hermosa. This is a point break that also roars with a big swell. Just like the name means, it is a Crazy Rock break and you can watch many a surfer coming out of the water with battle wounds to match their heroic stories of amazing rides.

These surf spots are not just filled with surfers any more. In addition to swimmers, you can now find many boogie boarders, Stand Up paddle boards and even kayakers in the water. As always, we hope that everyone will respect each other and the rules of the waves. Those closest to the lip,where the wave is breaking, have the right to catch the wave. Always be conscience of your fellow ocean lovers. Share the water in the Pura Vida way because there are always plenty of waves for everyone. May we continue to enjoy the ocean and be mindful of what we do in our lives when we are on land to keep our oceans clean and safe.