The Costa Rica Team Appreciates the Beauty of the Green Season

During the green season on the central pacific coast we still get to enjoy warm days with cooling rains. The ocean is still temperate so we can swim and surf in just our bathing suits. The brilliance of the flora and fauna during this time of year is spectacular. The soothing sounds of the rain blankets our sleep.

It is a beautiful time of year whether you are visiting or if you are a permanent resident. The hustle and bustle that the locals enjoy during the dry season when tourism is at it’s peak is replaced with a slow and easy flow of surf, dinner with friends and appreciating the Pura Vida life.Green Season Beauty in Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Charles enjoys the green season to spend extra time with his son, playing music while the rain pours down and playing basketball outside when the sun comes out to shine. Year round, life in a blessing here in Jaco, Costa Rica. We hope you appreciate the life giving rains as much as we do at The Costa Rica Team.