The McKee Jaco Benefit Fundraiser for Local Companion Animals

The McKee Jaco foundation is dedicated to the animal community in the greater Jaco area. In Costa Rica, abandoned animals, as well as stray “street” dogs and cats are commonplace. If these animals are not spayed or neutered, the opportunity for overpopulation and continuos generations of stray animals is high. That is why this non-profit organization was formulated in 2003.  With almost 15 years of service in the community, McKee Jaco has been able to spay/neuter more than 1000 animals per year, including both stray and pets from low income families. In addition they have treated and found homes for over 500 dogs and cats annually. McKee Jaco also works in conjunction with local veterinarians to provide other medical services such as treatment of mange, ehrlichia, recuperation after accidents, etc and offers economic assistance to the pets of local residents when necessary.

McKeeJacoBenefitMcKee Jaco is run by local volunteers who gladly offer their time and love to these animals that they care for so deeply. They will be hosting their annual fundraising benefit this Saturday January 16th at 6pm at Side Street Cafe in Jaco, Costa Rica. Tickets are only $10, which goes directly to supporting the rescue and care of animals in the area. Side Street Cafe has generously donated a complementary cocktail to each ticket holder. In addition, a special appetizer menu will be available to those in attendance at the benefit. For an evening of live music, great food, alluring conversation and love of animals, we invite you to attend the McKee Jaco Benefit and help our four legged friends.

We at The Costa Rica Team will be in attendance and we are so grateful to support such a worthy cause, not only with our presence but also with a donation to be auctioned off during the evenings silent auction. Charles Boyd and the entire “Team” hope to see you there.