The National University of Costa Rica’s Modern Dance Company Performed in Jaco

ModernDance_performersThe Modern Dance Company with the National University of Costa Rica in Heredia performed at the Jaco Epicentro por la Paz on Friday night. They began the evening performing “Expresividad entre Olas” (Expression between Waves). This powerful piece was performed outside in the skate bowl and moved some observers to tears with the dancer’s incredible presence and emotion. The remainder of the performances were held inside of the community center. In addition to the National Universities dancers, their were dances from the local children’s class, as well as local high school aged students that practice in the Epicentro.

Having free events that are open to the public is a blessing for everyone in the community. Having a safe space for local and national students to perform is a testament to the dedication Costa Rica has to providing its citizens with healthy and entertaining alternatives. Being a member of this amazing community that is continuing to grow its diversification in all forms of art and athletics makes Charles Boyd and the entire The Costa Rica Team family, happy to live in such a community.

If you have been contemplating investing abroad and are looking for a safe, healthy, growing community that is thriving for locals and ex-pats, then look no further. We would be honored to help you create a life here in Costa Rica. Retirees, young families and everyone in between are making the central pacific coast of Costa Rica their home away from home. Contact us today to become part of the community.