The Pizza Shop Thrives On Innovation And Community Connections

Joe Sparks and Kevin Eich met during their college years and have been friends ever since. In 2012 they were in Costa Rica when a business opportunity materialized that turned into the creation of The Pizza Shop. The popular restaurant in Playa Jaco recently celebrated its five year anniversary. It’s getting ready to open in a new location in just a couple weeks. With business degrees and combined years of experience in the restaurant and bar industries, these two amigos are well equipped to handle the demands of owning and operating a business. Add to that the necessary ingredients of having a passion for their work as well as the community they live in, and you have a recipe for success. 

Joe, center, Kevin far right, with long time friend Danny Clark

The new location is just 25 meters north of the old pizza shop.  It will have more space, feature a new menu, and have many other exciting features. A grand opening is tentatively planned for February.

New Location, New Features

People will be able to create their own pizzas. The restaurant  will introduce a sweet dessert selection, a house salad, and rotate taps from 3 to 5 Costa Rica breweries, It will also offer a select cocktail menu.

A vital factor that separates The Pizza Shop pizza from other venues in town is that the cheese is imported  from the States. Other ingredients are bought from local vendors. “We buy from produce stands in town and local butchers when we can, The ingredients and time we take to make things from scratch really set us apart,” Joe explains.

All meats used at The Pizza Shop are smoked

Hey Earl Smoked Meats

Meats are all smoked. A popular special that has been running for over a year is the Thursday Night “Hey Earl’s Prime Rib Dinner.” Earl uses a smoker that he had fabricated nearby. The new restaurant will have a deli display case for him up front to offer a range of his tasty products.

It will include some of his specialty meats that people don’t know about, like  raw and smoked sausage, for instance, as well as pastrami and  corned beef. “Sandwiches are coming,” Joe assures us. 

Joe with Jefferson and Ethan

Sponsors of National Surfers

Both surfers, Joe and Kevin enjoy the exceptional waves that both Jaco and nearby Hermosa boast year round. It is definitely a bonus to having a business in the community they are proud to call home.The Pizza Shop is stoked to sponsor two surfers who compete nationally, Jefferson Tacson Prado who is also a shaper (originally from Colombia) and Ethan Hollander, a local of Playa Dominical.

Add To The Mix

Joe and Kevin want to welcome their new partner Warren who will complete an already strong team “We’re excited to have some new blood in the mix.” Warren will be part of the day to day operations as well as work behind the scenes.

Doin’ It

The Pizza Shop boys are “doin’ it” as they like to say, and doin’ it right as far the Jaco Community can tell. Delicious pizza made from scratch, select meats by “Hey Earl”, craft beers and cocktails on the way  and more. Always a good time at The Pizza Shop. Don’t take our word for it. Check out the new location and get yourself a slice.



The Pizza Shop will operate on its high season schedule once it opens. Hours of operation will be Tuesday through Sunday opening at 11 a.m. and closing at 11 or 12 p.m, except for Fridays and Saturdays when the restaurant will stay open until 2:30 a.m.