Turning Lifestyles Into Businesses: Hamburguesìa and LoVe Designs

Today, as many citizens of the U.S. and tourists celebrate the Fourth of July, or Independence Day, we are reminded of two things that never go out of style: hamburgers and bikinis. Both Adrian Vega of Hamburguesìa restaurant and Lorena Vera, of LoVe Designs, respectively, know this . Their businesses were created around and are fueled by lifestyles which integrate passion and work. Here are some excerpts from our interviews with them, as we continue to talk with business owners at Jaco Walk.

Charles Boyd

Hamburguesia Jaco at the new Jaco Walk

Costa Rican Adrian Vega`has a passion for hamburgers. That passion sparked  the creation of a restaurant built around  the concept of glorifying “the hamburger. Hamburguesia is the brainchild ““100% Tico” created by both Adrian and his wife.  It offers fresh gourmet ingredients, a wide selection of drinks, beers and wines, all served “in a modern and casual atmosphere with an outdoor terrace making Hamburguesia an ideal place for family and friends.”

Customized Burgers

TCR (Talk Costa Rica):  How long has Hamburguesìa been open at Jaco Walk? Where are the other locations?

Adrian:  Hamburguesia opened its first store in October of 2012. Today there are five Hamburguesìa restaurants in Costa Rica (Avenida Escazu, Multiplaza Escazu, Plaza Real Alajuela, Cronos Plaza Curridabat and Jacò). There is one in Panama that opened in September of 2016. Hamburguesia Jaco was inaugurated in March of this year and is operated under the franchise scheme.

TCR:        What is the house specialty?

Adrian:  The specialty of Hamburguesia is that every person can create their own hamburgers as original as their imagination. In addition, we offer a diversity of salads the complement our menu.

TCR:    Why should people go eat at Hamburguesìa? What differentiates your restaurant from others?

Adrian:   We distinguish ourselves by our Angus beef, a high quality meat that we prepare by hand. Our bread and sauces have no preservatives and they are manufactured 100% by hand.

“Our hamburgers and sandwiches differ from our competition mainly through the love and quality with which we do our work.”  –  Adrian Vega 

TCR:   What do you like best about having a restaurant at Jaco Walk?

Adrian:  Jaco is a very important city in the north pacific part of our country. It has a diversity of residents and very interesting visitors. I believe that this mix makes it a very dynamic and attractive market for our venture.

TCR:    Are there any specials that you would like to publicize?

Adrian:  We have promotions and specials all month you can see on our Facebook page Hamburguesia Costa Rica.

LoVe Designs at Jaco Walk

LoVe Designs

Lorena Vera has been living in Costa Rica ever since she moved here at 23 years of age from Venezuela. Bikini LoVe Designs  evolved from a lifestyle that was centered around both bodyboarding and making bikinis. Lorena currently designs two distinct lines of swimwear, one that is more fashionable and exclusive and the other focused on comfort and strength, suitable for sports. Her recent move of Love Designs to Jaco Walk was inspired by the attraction to its environment.

TCR:   How long have you been bodyboarding?

       ” I have been bodyboarding the same amount of time as I´ve been making bikinis.  It is something that always went hand in hand in my life.” –  Lorena Vera 

TCR:   How long have you been a designer? When did you start LoVe Designs? 

LorenaI have twenty years of experience designing bikinis and during that time I had various successful brands. I began LoVe Designs (also known as Bikini Love Designs) in 2015. 

Lorena sponsors several girls who are surfers or body borders in our community. Pictured here with daughter, Kiana Camacho

TCR:   What is special to you about living in Jaco?

Lorena:  The special thing about living here is that it has everything I crave: good waves, a beautiful community and that contact with nature that gives me peace.

TCR:   Does your store LoVe Designs carry other brands, and other products besides bikinis?

Lorena: Yes. I have always liked to carry both brands and local art that have in themselves a great history,

We wish both Adrian and Lorena success at their new locations at Jaco Walk. Stop by and experience for yourself what they have created from lifestyles centered around doing what they love.

Jaco Walk currently boasts 59 businesses with still more being added. The new commercial center is a popular hub for family outings, shopping, dining out and social activities. Be sure to visit when you are passing through our Jaco community.

This is the third is a series of articles featuring different businesses  at Jaco Walk.