Visions Becoming Reality: Jaco Walk Focuses On Positive Growth


Jaco Walk continues to grow in positive directions

Recently we had the opportunity to talk with Francisco “Chico”  Gonzalez, one of the administrators responsible for the ongoing development of Jaco Walk. Francisco is a “Jacobeño nativo,” a Jaco native. He was born in Jaco, grew up in Jaco and has deep roots here. His grandparents were part of the first family to settle in this growing beach town. The pride regarding his family heritage and its connection to the community is evident in the way he speaks. Francisco`s father in law, Jaime Tabash, is the main administrator at Jaco Walk. and his sister, Ana Rita Gonzalez, along with Luis Merlo, complete the team.

It is a tight knit group that works together to manage and plan the continued development of the new commercial center. Francisco reveals some of the new businesses opening in August and positive plans moving forward. 

Talk Costa Rica:  Who is responsible for the design of Jaco Walk? How many businesses are included?

Francisco:  The design of Jaco Walk was accomplished through Robles Architects.  Currently, there are 59 businesses open and operating within Jaco Walk. Each business has its own hours of operation.

Talk Costa Rica:  What are some of the new businesses still under construction?

Francisco:   There is a salon/spa and also a Kids Club that will be ready to open in August. Some of the other businesses coming are Persianas Canet (carpets) Fraiche (perfumes), Dantica (Latin American souvenirs), an air conditioning store (industrial) and World Fit, an athletic clothing store.

My wife, Susetty Tabash, is the owner and trainer of the Fitness Center Boutique which just recently opened. She works with women only, at least for now, doing personal training. She also works with small groups.

Susetty Tabash Fitness Center Boutique

Talk Costa Rica:  Are there business in other Jaco locations that will be moving to Jaco Walk?

Francisco:  Channel Islands is moving its store here. At their  current location there is virtually no parking. Jaco Laguna is opening a new office.

Talk Costa Rica:   Are there plans to build more parking space?

Francisco:  As the project grows, the parking will expand as well.

Talk Costa Rica:  What other plans are in place to serve the needs of both residents and those just visiting?

Francisco:   There is a supermarket coming, a clinic, and a boutique hotel (which will be built next to Aurora Yoga).

We have space for an “open air” recreational area that will include basketball and tennis courts.

Ana Gonzalez, Jaime Tabash and Juan Merlo of Jaco Walk`s Administrative team

Talk Costa Rica: What do you like best about Jaco Walk?

Francisco:  The family atmosphere of the Plaza.

Talk Costa Rica:  What do you love about the Jaco community?

Francisco: (smiling and without hesitation) The connection between the mountain and the beach.


Francisco explained that every business will be required to recycle. In fact, there are signs that have been made specifically to both show and explain the process in depth. They are being posted at each locale. This is impressive in that it represents consciousness and concern for protection of the environment.

Weather permitting, the public can continue to expect free concerts weekly at Jaco Walk`s plaza.  The idea is to have free music three times a week, in addition to the music provided by local restaurants there.

A Big Thank you to Francisco for taking time from his busy schedule to talk to us. It was a pleasure to meet in person and be introduced to the rest of the crew. Best wishes for Success with this grand endeavor for the betterment of the Jaco community and enjoyment by both residents and tourists. 

Thank you to Brenda Obando, Marketing, for providing some of the information for this article. 

For a complete list of  businesses, covering the categories of services, gastronomia and health, visit the website

The Costa Rica Team is happy to be neighbors with such friendly members of our flourishing community.