¡Viva El Arte! A tribute to the National Theater

The most important exhibition of visual designers and artists in the country: Viva El Arte!, paid homage in this second edition of the year, to the National Theater with the guest exhibition: “A theater that lives, the National Theater in the Brush, the Lens and the line of artists.”

The Fair took place from 25 to 27 October in the Plaza Mayor Shopping Center, located in Rohrmoser. Admission was free and was available to be visited between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. In addition, visitors were able to participate for free in art workshops for all audiences.

Viva El Arte! carries out a careful selection of each artist and national designer for their participation in the two editions that are held per year. On this occasion, 20 professionals will participate outstanding for their works in painting, sculpture, design and illustration, among others.

“Our goal every year is to carry out an artistic activity that educates in art and luckily, the public has noticed and appreciates it” says Ana Beatriz Sánchez, artist and organizer of the Fair – for us every edition is special since we give the opportunity to artists emerging and track-like works that bring us closer to new works to appreciate and acquire.”

The public was be able to get to know the works of 20 artists of recognized trajectory as well as those of new professionals who exhibited and sold their works. The exhibition featured styles ranging from realistic and traditional to abstract and more contemporary themes.

“For us artists, the Fair is a means for our different disciplines to reach the audience, without having to attend a gallery,” said the designer and illustrator, Catalina Naranjo.

Long live Art! A theater that lives, the National Theater in the brush, the lens and the line of artists will be the guest exhibition composed of 7 visual artists who have dedicated some of their works to the National Theater.

“We want to pay homage to a work that we love and appreciate Costa Ricans as part of our history, with the aim of giving value to our identity,” said Ana Beatriz Sánchez.

“In addition, we have observed that it is very attractive to the public, because it provokes memories, experiences and conversations generating a very interesting social exchange of spoken memory,” Sanchez said.

In this second call of the year, the selection was held by the historian María Alejandra Triana who states that the choice was based on trying to represent the diversity of approaches and looks among the many artists who have drawn, painted and photographed the National Theater.

“A theater that lives because the National Theater has been a living and dynamic space for the performing arts, the musical arts and all the arts, in general,” Triana explains, “because week by week, night and day, there are shows and activities, often free , in this valuable precinct located in the heart of the city.”

They will be part of the special exhibition “Un Teatro que vive, the National Theatre in the Brush, the Lens and the Line of Artists”, the water-colorists Silvia Monge and Dunia Molina; José Pablo Ureña, who works in different styles and formats the urban landscape; recorder Carolina Rodriguez; the painter and illustrator, Rodmi Cordero; the cartoonist Daniel Campos who tours the cities in search of architectural heritage works in order to study and document them and the artist Walter Rojas with photographs.

“For me it is a great honor and a huge responsibility to participate in Viva El Arte! with my works on the National Theater – says Daniel Campos – as it is by far the most important artistic and cultural meeting in San José”.

Long live Art! It emerged, 14 years ago, under the premise of giving national artists a space to show and sell their works. “It is one of the few artistic initiatives in which private companies finance 100% of the sample, which allows them to get all the profit from their sales,” said Ana Beatriz Sánchez, artist and organizer of the exhibition – so we are interested in selecting people who have art as a profession.”

The Fair makes two calls a year for national artists, which are published on its Facebook page: Viva el Arte!. The first is held in February for its May edition in Plaza del Sol and the second in July for the exhibition held in October in Plaza Mayor.