If you are a couple, parents who need a break or just simply looking for a new date night – Casa Chameleon and Sentido Norte in Las Catalinas is the place for you!

With Costa Rica being so family friendly, this is one of the only ‘adults only’ hotels and restaurants in Guanacaste. It is somewhere you can go without ever worrying if you will hear shrieks of kids dive bombing into a swimming pool or hear the tones of Baby Shark on an iPad (as a parent of a 6- and 4-year-old daughters I completely resonate with both statements!). 

After not having a date night for over a year, when my mother-in-law came to visit over Christmas, my husband and I felt we deserved a night away from our darling daughters and chose Casa Chameleon as our destination. 

Before even arriving, you realize you are going to a super special place – the front desk gets in touch with you via WhatsApp to get your arrival time and take all passport information and it also allows you to ask any questions before you arrive. Upon arrival it is unparalleled luxury, your car is valeted for you, while handing you a logo’d Coconut and chilled fruit kebab to enjoy while the front desk team gives you the rundown of the resort. Then asking if your dinner reservations they have so kindly made for you are convenient – going out for dinner at 730 pm was a beautiful experience and anyone with children will be able to understand– you feel like an adult again!!

Each of the 21 villas at Casa Chameleon overlook the beautiful Sugar and Penca beaches plus  each room has their own private plunge pool. There are no TVs but there is a wonderful speaker for you to sync your phone to enjoy the sounds of whatever you wish – or there is simply silence and just the surrounding sounds of the wildlife and  the ocean.

Sentido Norte is an open air restaurant with a beautiful infinity pool below which overlooks the picturesque Las Catalinas and at night the pool itself lights up just after sunset. Sunset is definitely the perfect and most popular time at the hotel to enjoy some sundowners while spotting the superyachts and definitely people watching the people down below. 

Considered to be one of the worlds most romantic restaurants, Sentido Norte offers a variety of options and Chef Jose Lopez changes his menus depending on the seasons and what is available around him. If all you have time for is a date night, you can dine at the restaurant and with no children allowed even in here, it is somewhere you can sit back and relax (even though all you will probably do is talk about your children that are not there if you are like my husband and I!). 

We stayed and paid for our night here, but for all Talk Costa Rica readers they are offering the following discounts:

For expats or residents – room rate is $300 + 13% tax with breakfast and lunch included

For international travelers – 30% stays of 3 nights with breakfast included

If all you have time for is dinner, then they offer 15% discount in the restaurant.

All rates are subject to availability and to make reservations, call them on +(506) 2103-1212 or email info@casachameleonhotels.com quoting TALK COSTA RICA PROMO. All rates quoted above available until November 1st 2021.